how to save money for the future

Saving money is one of the positive activities aimed at building. Because saving can be said to be able to empower human resources in order to be a man who is not wasting money. Therefore, to save money to be able to make plans or some reference that contains the date, nominal, and the purpose of saving.

Because if you do not have a purpose, then the money you can’t collect and you may fail to buy something nice for yourself. But if you can make it even easier, you can save money with these references and do not blow it for the sake of things that are not important.

Try to think of all the things that you can be when you are saving now. Surely you can appreciate a richer and more money than activities that can spend money. Therefore, if you want to be rich, then saving now. Because if you are getting your money for the sake of worldly peddling that could plunge, then you can be the bad guy. Then use the following ways to save in order to be good, rich, and could be a role model to others, for more information you can visit


  1. Use Passbook


Indeed, many who have savings in the form of a book, but that does not mean the book is much the money. Because if everything in save but do not have a way to save money, so in other words you have to spend money on your own. Therefore, to make money you keep well and keep priceless correctly, then use the date, nominal, and a description of when and where you get what you save it. Then you will succeed saving to build a future.


  1. Use the Bank


If you use a bank can say it is safe and secure. However deficiency if you use a bank with a credit card, then you will be charged each month. Therefore, if you do not work, then do not use this way to save money.


It is true indeed save money in the bank earning interest, but you do not save regularly each month, then you will always be taxed each end of the month. Moreover, banks such as BCA, Mandiri, Lippo Bank, etc. Therefore, we recommend a career first so that your income can you cultivate in the world famous bank.


  1. At home Savings


Saving at home itself is good, but less secure. Because when you go after your money unattended. Chances are there are people who want to earn money you have. Therefore it is more safe to use the safety deposit box that you can buy in the store safe throughout Indonesia with a fairly expensive.


However, with this safe you can use it anytime, non-flammable, flooded or broken. Because the safes have a wall thickness of up to 15 cm. Therefore, if you want to save money at home then use it this way so you can rest easy.


  1. Schedule


Scheduled for saving is important for the businessman or other businessmen. Because with you saving for this type, then you can save the details and you can target the entire your wishes in the future. Scheduled way this is a way to write your schedule saved every day / month / year. And you wrote a book on your savings. Then you can save on a regular basis so that you can target when you can get the goods you want.