How to Maintance Swimming Pool

Caring is an extremely important part in the merits of water in the pond. Pool maintenance that was not done properly can make the pool water colored, murky, making eye itching, stinging chlorine odor up can cause the spread of waterborne diseases. Water-borne diseases such as amoebic dysentery, typhoid and cholera. Once the importance of taking care of the pool, then you should know how to take care of him. Here’s how to take care of their own pool.You Need Pool Maintenance in Glendale for more information

1. Check water clarity
Water clarity can be seen by naked eye. Does the water in a state of clear, cloudy or dirty. If the condition of the water had started cloudy or dirty, it’s your time to clean or replace it with new water. The most frequently contaminate the pool water is fallen leaves in the wind. You just take the leaves out of the pool menggunan pole which given the small nets at the ends.

2. Check the content of substances in the water
Substances in the water can be checked 2 weeks. The use of chlorine is also a concern. Including the type and the amount must be in accordance with pond area. Chlorine is good for disinfecting water, but excessive doses of chlorine makes the water is not good.

3. Clean and always check the skimmer baskets
Skimmer basket function is to avoid contamination of water pools of sewage and filth. Within a week, a minimum of skimmer basket to be cleaned. At the outdoor swimming pool, clean it can depend on the weather conditions and skimmer baskets must be cleaned more often.

4. Check the condition of the pump
Circulation is an important thing to the condition of water in the pool is not saturated. Pump function as a regulator of the pool water circulation. In order for the pump function remains good, and penyaringnya pump tube should be cleaned at least twice a month.

5. Clean the air filter
Clean the air filter when the condition is already dirty, is to keep the water clean of dirt that we do not want. However, in certain weather conditions such as rain or a big wind storm. Properly filter the water as often as possible in the clear. Due to extreme weather usually after a lot of garbage or dirt that can interfere with work because of a clogged filter.

6. Clean the pool bottom and walls
Maintaining basic hygiene and dinging pool is very important. Due to the condition of the base and walls dirty pool, will give rise to algae and moss that can pollute the water. Of course this is not good for your health, other than that the pool would look down and dirty with their moss or algae. You can clean by brushing across the base and walls of the pool to the corners.

7. Maintain pH of water
In order for the pool free of gangan or moss, you need to maintain stable water Ph (neutral). Use the tester to measure the pH of water that are sold freely on the market. That way, you know when its time had to clean the pool.

Maintenance of the pool is something that should be done throughout the year, regardless of the type of pool and if often used or not. For people who have a pool, self-cleaning is time-consuming and complicated. However, a variety of swimming pool maintenance company has been widely available. They did all the tests, remove impurities, and also clean the pool. To reduce the cost of maintenance of the pool, then you can choose to wear a pool cover, such as solar cover or safety cover. This will not only provide security, but will also keep debris away to the pool water.