How to Install Vinyl Floor for Beginner

Tools and materials :

  • Vinyl floor
  • Yellow glue (solvent base adhesive)
  • Cutter
  • Metal ruler
  • Meters
  • Elbow ruler
  • Roller
  • Brush


  1. Prepare the room to be fitted with sheets of vinyl flooring. The room must have a flat floor and clean condition. You can make a cement floor first, then broom and surface to clean the floor. Leave this floor for 24 hours to get it completely dry.
  2. The next day, you can divide the floor of the room into four parts. Separate the parts using two strings stretched to form a plus sign (+). So every rope separates the two sides of the room exactly. This rope stretch will serve as a guide in arranging vinyl floor sheets for the composition to be the same.
  3. Prepare the vinyl floor sheets you have purchased. Make sure all of these sheets have the exact same size and shape so that the installation of the vinyl floor will eventually produce a precise arrangement. If there is a vinyl floor whose size is off the mark, you can cut it using a cutter based on a metal ruler.
  4. Apply yellow glue sufficiently on the surface of the cement floor using a brush. Then apply the glue on the surface of the lower vinyl floor. Wait for a while so that the condition of the glue a little dry. Then you can stick a sheet of vinyl flooring on the cement floor. Put a little pressure on the vinyl floor to stick strongly.
  5. Install the vinyl floor sheets by following the guidelines of the strap width. Keep the vinyl floor installed from the middle to the edge of the room. Make sure the bonds are completely flat. If there is a bulging part, you should flatten it as soon as possible. Repeat this work until the entire floor of the room is covered by a vinyl floor sheet.
  6. Finishing aims to improve the results of your work. The trick is to clean the entire surface of vinyl floor that has been installed, especially from the former glue that spilled. For more info you can visit epoxy flooring