Muck at the bottom of the pond or lake is caused by decaying organic waste like fish food that is not eaten and waste from fish, geese and ducks. Also dead and decaying aquatic weeds and leaves add to the buildup up of pond muck. When left untreated the buildup can be quite thick. This muck is also a food source for unwanted algae and weeds. As the algae and aquatic weeds die off, it adds to the muck. The more muck, the more algae, the more algae, the more muck, and the cycle goes on and on.

With cutting-edge tools, you’ll be able to keep your pond or lake bottom weed-free as you gather your cut weeds. Remove decaying organic elements from your lake and pond bottom. Pull weeds up from underwater as far as 45 feet away. Collect large mats of floating debris. Keep your beachfront free of weeds and other debris for maximum enjoyment all season long.

Installing pond fountains or pond aerator in your pond will also decrease the muck at the bottom. Oxygen keeps your fish healthy, but it also helps keep the beneficial bacteria alive in the pond. Beneficial bacteria and enzymes are alive and need oxygen as well. Using a decorative aerator prevents thermocline which is when the pond stagnates and creates layers. The lower layers are warmer and the upper layers are colder. The lower layers lack oxygen, and since that is where the beneficial bacteria is located, it is not a good environment to survive. A floating aerating fountain will add oxygen back into the pond or lake and will help the beneficial bacteria live and consume all that muck!! Even if you want something more decorative like a floating pond fountain, this is also beneficial to the pond as it will still aerate.

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