Flowering Water Plants Will Beautify Your Water Feature

Backyard water features are a popular addition to the landscape since they help to create a tranquil environment as well as beauty. Perhaps you have created a small pond and stocked it with a few goldfish or you may have opted for a trickling waterfall. The sound of running water has a calming effect on most people, so this is a good way to create a peaceful place to enjoy some rest and relaxation. It makes no difference what kind of water feature you have included in your landscape; adding some colorful water plants is a good idea. If you live in a warm climate such as Jacksonville, the following water plants are a great choice:

Red Water Lilies are a variety that will give your jacksonville backyard water features
a stunning pop of color. The Nymphaea ‘Escarboucle’ lily is easy to grow and maintain. This water plant should be started indoors in a pot before transplanting to your pond when the weather is warm enough. The red water lily will grow best in a deeper pond or water feature.

Creeping Jenny is a plant that grows easily on the edge of your jacksonville backyard water features . The verdant plant provides abundant greenery and can be used to cover any bare areas on the edge of your pond. While the plant loves water, it also requires full sun to thrive in wet soil and shallow water.

Mini Yellow Water Lilies are appropriate for small ponds and water features. This striking little lily does not need as much maintenance as some other pond plants, but does need direct sunlight in order to thrive. If your water feature is small, these dwarf water lilies are a great choice.

Creating a water feature in your landscape takes a good amount of knowledge and physical effort. You should contact a professional water feature expert in your area if you are not quite up to the task. The result will be a beautiful and peaceful place to help you enjoy your outdoor living space.