Ceiling fans with lights – Advantages and Disadvantages

A fan is a historical machine (still in use) which is used to create a flow within a fluid. This fluid is usually a gas such as air. These machines namely fans consist of a rotating arrangement comprised of vanes or blades. These vanes or blades act on the fluid or the gas. This rotating system or assembly of blades and the hub is collectively known as a rotor.

The most commonly used fan is the ceiling fan. It is present in almost every household, and has a huge demand in the commercial market. People can now even buy ceiling fans online. Over the period of time, this device has evolved drastically. The device used to be bulky in size and really heavy initially when it was introduced in the market but with the gradual research and development in the technology the device has become more compact and the weight has become less which has also made the device very much more efficient and effective in doing the work it was designed to do. The ceiling fans these days have more speed in terms of rotation. The airflow in terms of CSM has increased and the airflow efficiency has increased drastically which has made the ceiling fans as stated very much more efficient. The recent addition to the case of ceiling fans is the BLDC motors which have made the fans more efficient and fast and have also added cool controls like sleep mode, timer in the remote control. Thus, the evolution of this device has really been awesome so far. One such step of evolution was to add light along with the device and the advantages and disadvantages of this evolution are as follows:



  • The device looks very much more aesthetically pleasing with the lights. The lights on the fan are usually designed similar to the Victorian era and thus it is really decorative. The lights are made of seeded glass which is used in making decorative items and this adds on the aesthetic beauty of the fan. Even when not operational it has a work of a decorative item.
  • These ceiling fans with lights are very quiet and the sound made by the device is really low and it is only made by the lighting equipment which is lower than the regular ceiling fan. The regular ceiling fans are made up of high quality steel sheet and the decorative or the light containing ceiling fans also take in use wood which makes it lighter and a lot more silent.
  • Use of light and fan at the same place make the device helpful in being space efficient.



  • The fan which uses the lights in it is bound to use more electricity and that’s what happens. The device takes in more electricity than a normal ceiling fan.
  • The lights in the fan are somewhat placed overhead but then also most of the times it is not enough for reading purposes and for such work which are strenuous to the eyes you have to install a conventional bulb.
  • It is a nuisance changing the bulbs every time they are damaged and you would have to drag out equipment to reach the fan and take steps to do so.
  • It might also cause disorientation due to low lighting or motion in light when looked at during the evening.