Best time to buy LED TV in India

India’s growth story is promising and so is the boom of the middle class. With declining poverty rates and the rise of consumerism the population is on a shopping spree. Due to that the consumer electronics sector is flexing its muscles and the LED TV might be its strongest gladiator.

Like every other market, the competition is fierce in this one as well. The best-LED TV brands in their head to head battle drive the prices down and the moment R&D allows for cheaper production it further helps the consumer. There would always be a model which would fit your budget and needs if you are not too picky.

But the smartest consumers wait for the ripe moment when they would be showered by the sweetest deals. So without further ado let’s check out the best seasons for you to buy a LED TV in this country:

  • Look out for lightning deals and exclusive offers: If you are looking forward to buying something from the best-LED TV brands look out for TV flash sales, lightning deals and promotional lottery deals. Amazon and Flipkart both organize surprise sales on large LEDs which often goes unnoticed by the mass. Make sure to subscribe their newsletters and browse through a lot of LED TVs on their site. Their data mining technology would figure out that you want to buy a LED TV and would send promotional offers and sale notifications on those products.
  • The land of festivals: Festivals are a big part of Indian culture and companies are smart enough to offer clearance sales during that time. So save up for Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Dhanteras, these are the big ones throughout the country. If you are in states which like to celebrate a specific festival much more than others, then hold on to that. For example, during Durga Puja in West Bengal and Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra, you would be dumbfounded by the price coats in these States. Online portals and offline stores all of them would be looking forward to clearing out the showroom
  • March, the pocket-friendly month: April is the beginning of financial year and witnesses the launch of newer, sleeker and pricier models. So brands offer high discounts at the end of the financial year in March on their unsold products. This is the perfect time to get the most bangs out of your buck.
  • IPL and Cricket World Cup season: IPL to Indians is what Superbowl is to Americans. Most brands create their advertisements banking on this and retailers would have a weekly special deal at their stores. E-commerce sites are on steroids during this time offering not just TVs but any cricket related accessories with them as well.
  • Even enthusiasts have a time slot: If you are holding to a lot of cash or are just a techie than older models and cheaper deals might not interest you. To get the latest curved paper thin OLED you need to look out for events like LEAD Expo and Electronics for You Expo in India. They are nothing compared to the CES held in Las Vegas every January. But with the industry growth, you might find something that would catch your eye.

Hence, just have patience, do a bit of browsing and scouting and go for something which best caters to you without giving you a financial shock. Is there any reason to rush? Unless there is any absolute reason to do, just wait for the right time. Get the best deals on your LED TV and save money by choosing to buy your TV at the best time.