Beneficial Bacteria is Eco-Friendly and Safe

Good bacteria are not the only solution to algae. There are chemicals that can instantly get rid of algae, but they can be harmful to the ecosystem.

Algaecides can extract oxygen from the water quickly. Not only will this get rid of the algae as it’s supposed to do but the fish and plants too.

The wrong dosage might also lead to a loss of good bacteria and an increase in ammonia. Many prefer to use good bacteria to clean up their ponds because it’s easy to mess up the application of chemicals.

Bacteria is a safe solution to improve your water conditions. They handle the root causes of common problems and helps to prevent them from recurring. They don’t have the same risks as the chemicals since they naturally occur in the environment. They are free of pathogens and only contain organic enzymes for the pond.

Remember that too much of a good thing can be harmful too. Bacteria may deplete the oxygen with inadequate aeration, which is harmful to your fish. To be on the safe side, use only what you need for the treatment.

For The Proper Application of Good Bacteria

Bacteria is a living organism, and they need oxygen to survive. If your pond does not have a natural aerator so that the oxygen can spread throughout the water, not just the surface, then install an aerator system before you treat your pond with bacteria.

You can pre-mix the formula with some pond water, or apply the formula directly to the pond. Do not use tap water, especially if it contains chlorine.

If you mix it with pond water, make sure to shake it well to disperse the bacteria evenly. Then, apply your mixture along the perimeter of the pond.

You can also pour it near diffusers or another source of moving water. This is the benefit of a pond aeration kit because it will allow for equal distribution of the bacteria across the pond.

The dosage and the frequency of treatments depend on a lot of factors. For example, the amount of exposure to sunlight, and the quantity of fish affect the amount of each dosage. Ponds with more severe conditions might need to increase or even double the dosage recommended for the volume of water.

Also, you must keep in mind that you will need to have patience. Unlike chemicals, the effects of beneficial bacteria will work gradually. Evaluate the condition of your pond and adjust if you do not see improvements when you should.

Good bacteria are not the only solution to a murky pond. You have to do your part because it can only help so much. Give your pond the proper aeration and cleaning.

Clean Your Pond Or Lake

The cleanliness of your pond or lake is not just for aesthetic reasons. The health of your fish depends on it as well. But don’t worry, good bacteria will not harm your fish. Adding good bacteria now, and you will enjoy a cleaner and healthier pond. Install floating fountain kit for beautiful benefits and to help feed the good bacteria with oxygen.