An introduction to living and working offshore

Working and living offshore is an idea that have crossed to the minds of many, but after that, probably many questions remained unanswered, due to the complexity of a life lived on a platform above the sea. Since the worker’s payments are very high, and probably that’s a fact that is widely known, people are always being extra curious about their job duties, their life out there and of course, the time spent at home once they are over with their work. If you’ve ever wondered how it is like to life a life such as this, along this article we will provide you some useful information which will help you be more familiar with a job of this kind, or maybe consider working abroad and experience it by yourself. And if you want to learn more about which will be your working duties, or to explore all the possible places where you can go, as well as getting familiar with the top rated companies, you can click here and get prepared for additional information.

Are you qualified enough to work offshore?

First of all, besides the knowledge into the field, you will need to have couple of others skills inside your CV, as well as being extremely good prepared physically. You should find an offshore company and see which are the required skills and knowledge levels in order to process towards the training trial. Usually, most of the company are making some tests to all the possible candidates, measuring their physical conditions, their health and running some blood and drug tests. You should know that in order to work offshore being healthy is a must. It would be very hard to move along if you don’t have those required things, as well being suitable to the minimum and maximum age they required. You should be aware that most of those things are made followed by a certain researches, and they are made in order to protect the worker or to stop an unwanted situation before it happens.

The accommodation

This is by far one of the most commonly asked questions, since most of the people are not familiar with the accommodation which will be provided to them when entering a job process of this kind. Each worker is sharing a room placed over a separated platform, where all the external activities and food corners are placed. When working abroad, you will receive a comfortable bed and a room which won’t be a luxury one, but will be made in order to suit your needs. Many people are having second thoughts over this, but the truth is that the places where the workers are spending their free time is specially designed in order to suit their needs, made by professional companies working on providing offshore accommodations. Since the job requests a lot of physical effort, every worker needs to have a decent rest. It is better for the company if the shifts are balanced and the food provided into the food corner is nutritive enough, since the people working will need a good straight in order to fulfill their working duties on the best way.

When will you go back at home?

Even though this job is paid more than all the regular ones than you can find in your surroundings, there is a reason why it is like that. Besides the risk factors involved during your shift and the straight you should have in order to finish them, you will need to be extra prepared emotionally. Leaving your home place, your family, or maybe your kids can be a very hard process, but the good news is that you will have a free week each month, during which you can visit them and have fun. Besides this, after the rotation of the shifts you will get an extra day free during the week, on which you can get a decent rest and enjoy the entertainment corner placed at the platform.


Working offshore is a process that requires from the worker to be in a great physical and mental condition. By deciding to move towards an activity of this kind, you will get a big salary and a vacation period during the month, during which you can enjoy your stay at home.