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Steps in Installing Synthetic Turf Many people believe that installing synthetic turf is an easy task as it appears but it is not. Installing synthetic grass is not just throwing a slab of the artificial over the natural grass. The the size of the selected lawn for artificial grass cover will influence the time taken to complete the task. To fill out the installation job; you require two or more people. There is a need to have the necessary tools at hand for the job. The first step while installing synthetic grass is measuring out the area and setting boundaries of where you want the grass to cover. Next, you clear off the existing grass by digging it up or mowing. After you have cleared the ground of the grass, you use a roller or a flattening tool to even the ground. It is important that the ground is leveled to avoid cases of uneven grass level when you walk on it. After completing the flattening task, you are now ready to set the foundation layer of your synthetic turf. By using decomposed rocks, you cover the dirt and form the first founding layer. Basically, after you have laid down the foundation, you are now ready to spread the synthetic turf on the ground.
Turf – Getting Started & Next Steps
Using the same technique as when installing a carpet in your home, lay down the artificial grass. The layers of the artificial turf are laid on the grass evenly close to each other until the entire ground is covered. To ensure a robust fitting, leave some turf on the outside.
What Has Changed Recently With Installers?
Once you have laid down the grass, you are done with the difficult part of the job and are ready for the next step. Once you have completed the job of filling the grass; you now distribute the infill evenly into the grass. The infill ensures that the blades of the turf remain upright. The infill also ensures the natural grass look of the synthetic grass by giving it cushion and comfort. Is Artificial Turf Worth Anything? Artificial turf has more advantages as compared to the natural grass, and you can be sure that you will enjoy one. Artificial turf barely needs any maintenance. Watering and mowing the grass will not be necessary anymore. For pet owners, it is a relief as the grass can be cleaned with ease without any trace of residue or yellowing from the pets waste. Synthetic turf is durable and guarantees you long service without you having to worry about it wearing out. Easy to clean using disinfectants. Having an artificial grass lawn can be more rewarding than you may think; it is easy to clean and barely needs any maintenance done on it.