3 Reasons to Replace Your Carpeted Surfaces with Hardwood

There are numerous perks synonymous with carpeted surfaces. For starters, they’re great for households with small children, as carpeting can help cushion the falls rambunctious tots frequently suffer. Additionally, due to its characteristic softness, most pets prefer napping on carpeting over harder surfaces. However, carpeting isn’t without its faults. Not only can it be difficult to clean, it also needs to be replaced on a fairly consistent basis. As such, it behooves cost-conscious homeowners to consider the benefits of hardwood surfaces the next time they find themselves in need of new flooring.


1. Easy to Clean

It’s no secret that carpeted surfaces can be an absolute nightmare to clean – especially when stains are involved. Depending on the color of your carpeting, purging a set-in stain is liable to take hours, provided the stain is even removable. Certain stains may even warrant a call to a costly carpet cleaning service. To make matters worse, carpeting has an unfortunate tendency to trap dirt, pet dander and other filth in its fibers. On the flip side, hardwood is very difficult to stain, as most spills can be cleaned with nothing more than a dampened cloth. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide dirt and dander with anywhere to hide, ensuring that nothing will be left lingering after you’ve swept and vacuumed. Floridians interested in easy-to-clean hardwood surfaces are urged to visit JC Floors Plus, the foremost authority on flooring in Pompano Beach.

2. Long-Lasting

If properly cared for, a resilient hardwood surface can last decades, if not a lifetime. Unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring is designed with longevity in mind. Additionally, if cleaned on a regular basis, hardwood flooring can maintain its original appearance for many years. Conversely, most carpeting begins showing its age after a year or two – particularly in homes with pets, small children and people who frequently wear shoes indoors.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Hardwood flooring looks great in virtually any household or place of business. Sleek, sophisticated and simplistically luxurious, hardwood floors are a wise investment for both homeowners and entrepreneurs. Carpeting, on the other hand, tends be a mixed bag – with all but the priciest varieties looking tacky in homes and out-of-place in professional settings.

There’s no denying that carpeted surfaces have their share of advantages. Still, the long-term benefits of hardwood flooring easily dwarf the noteworthy perks of carpeting. Anyone on the hunt for flooring that’s easy to clean, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing needn’t look any further than hardwood.